Massages Wellness Hotel Říčky

Pamper and regenerate yourself with a massage

Relieve stress and regenerate with a massage

There's nothing like relaxing your stiff muscles in our wellness centre, which will then be massaged by our experienced masseur, bringing your relaxation to perfection. You can choose from a range of classic and less traditional types of massages. Their effects have a positive effect on physical and mental well-being and you will always have a good rest.

Opening hours: by appointment only

Massages can be booked at the hotel reception

Classical massage

Classical massage is one of the manual relaxation techniques that have an immediate and one-time effect not only on the physical but also on the mental state. It removes fatigue, flabbiness, stiffness, shortening and soreness of muscles. The massage is performed with more vigorous strokes that release fatigue substances (lactic acid) in the muscles, as well as relieve skin tension, blood circulation to the skin and muscles, absorption of sprains and swelling and last but not least, improve tissue nutrition and eliminate pain.

Massage with lava stones

This massage uses heated lava stones, which have the ability to accumulate heat for a long time. They release some metal anions, but at the same time they have a kind of power that can remove pain and negative energy. It is very stimulating to use an aromatic natural oil at the same time as the stones. The combination of the heat coming from the volcanic stones and the special massage will perfectly relax the body, calm the mind and relieve you of stress and tension.

Face and head massage

Head massage is a technique that helps to release tension in the shoulders, neck and relaxes the scalp beautifully. Head massage can have many physical and mental health benefits such as relieving headaches, improving hair growth and quality, reducing stress, promoting sleep and overall well-being. Head massage is performed with the fingers and palms of the hands. Head massage can be combined with oils or aromatherapy.

Ayurvedic massage Abhyangam

Abhyangam is an Ayurvedic massage treatment that soothes the body, mind, immune system and skin using abundant oil and a specific sequence of movements. Abhyangam is part of daily practices to maintain health and well-being and can be done as a stand-alone therapy or as a pre-treatment for Panchakarma. Abhyangam aids joint health, nourishes tissues, brings agitated Doshas into balance and improves the condition of hair and skin. Abhyangam can be performed by one or more therapists or as a self-massage, and the oils used vary according to the season and individual constitution.

Price list for hotel guests

45 minutes 60 minutes 90 minutes
Classical massage 990 CZK 1 190 CZK 1 590 CZK
Massage with lava stones 1 190 CZK 1 450 CZK 1 950 CZK
Face and head massage 890 CZK X X
Ayurvedic massage Abhyangam X X 1 990 CZK

Price list for the public

45 minutes 60 minutes 90 minutes
Classical massage 1 290 CZK 1 550 CZK 2 090 CZK
Massage with lava stones 1 590 CZK 1 950 CZK 2 590 CZK
Face and head massage 1 190 CZK X X
Ayurvedic massage Abhyangam X X 2 590 CZK