Activities in the neighbourhood


Orlické Hory not just in the summer

In the Orlické Hory Mountains, everything is close, just choose if you want to go on foot, by bike or by a motor-driven vehicle. No matter where you go, you will always come across something worth seeing. We have some tips for you.

By electric bike around the Orlické Hory Mountains

The surroundings of Říčky and the whole Orlické Hory Mountains offer a lot of cycling routes, which everyone immediately falls in love with. Different nooks, small and big hills, and straight lines now and there - a paradise on the ground. Of course, not everyone can walk the hill and admire the beauty of nature. That is why we offer a pleasant solution. Leave your bikes at home and rent an electric bike directly at our reception. You may find the prices on the tab services.

Ski Centre Říčky

Ski Centre Říčky is not worth visiting just in winter! In the summer, you may take advantage of the bike park, tricycle and scooter rental, or go for a tree walk through the rope centre Various events are held regularly. Wellness Hotel Říčky offers a 20% discount on the rope centre for all its guests hostům.

Ski Centre Říčky

Beerbike trail

If you wanted to enjoy cycling for the whole day, head out from Říčky to the western side of the Orlické Hory Mountains and join the longest beer trail with us. You may collect stamps, taste and exchange selfie photos for a delicious goldish sap.

On the bike in the neighbourhood

Not everyone loves to put beer and wheels together. For those who prefer the tranquillity of nature and beautiful views, there is plenty of places to ride around Říčky, where you may easily get around and are worth a visit. You can take it to Komáří Vrch Hill, through Mezivrší to Anenská Lookout Tower. You may also climb on the ridge of the Orlické Hory Mountains and take a stop for having a wafer at the Kunštát Chapel or At the Kunštát Chapel. Confusing? First you may stop at the baroque chapel and then continue to the top, which is named after the chapel. The bike trail will take you along the ridge to Velké Deštné, the highest peak of the Orlické Hory Mountains.

Anenský Vrch Hilland a fortress

Walking or riding a bike on the Anenský Vrch Hill, which boasts a lookout tower. On the way, you will encounter several bunkers belonging to a network of fortifications built before World War II. When you keep to the right timing, you may enjoy a historical excursion and visit some of the bunkers. One of the larger ones with a museum exposition is the Hanička Fortress. Remember to put on a sweater, it is relatively cold in the bunkers even in the summer.

Neratovský church

The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is not just an ordinary Baroque church. After it was partially burned down after World War II and then dilapidated, it eventually experienced a unique reconstruction that stands out through a glass roof. The light flowing to the church from the top gives it a unique atmosphere and is famous for its acoustics. So go and sing a Gregorian chant and see for yourself. You will actually hear it.

Earth Gate

You may pass through the valley of Divoká Orlice along the blue mark through parts of the nature preserve called Zemská brána Earth Gate. Educational boards will guide you through the local narratives and natural uniqueness. But most of all, the nature itself, the wild water that cuts into the rocky shores, the spruces, the firs and the beech trees that throw in the pleasant shadows, and the fish that are hunting in the creek, are most worth your attention.

Masarykova chata

If you wanted to make a daylong hike, do not hesitate to go from Říčky to Šerlich Hill. It stands at the very border on Poland and on its crest you will find Masaryk's cottage. A beautiful building from the 1920s, designed by architect Bohuslav Fuchs. Because it is a tourist hut, it will not let anyone go hungry. After the hike, you may refresh yourself in the local restaurant and then continue into the Bukačka Prime Forest, a nature preserve that protects the original beech-spruce prime forest.

Rychnov nad Kněžnou

When you need to pick up your needles from the ears and the grass from the boots, take a trip to our district town. Enjoy the Baroque Holy Trinity church and a large chateau complex by the famous Baroque architect Jan Blažej Santini-Aichel. If you are interested in old painting masters, you will also appreciate the castle picture gallery.

Aqua park in Žamberk

Even in the mountains, summer temperatures sometimes climb to levels where we all want to cool in the water. The summer atmosphere, swimming pools, water slides and other attractions will certainly be enjoyed by your whole family in the outdoor aqua park Pod Černým Lesem.